Feb 27, 2011

Elvis Costello "She"

Alliteration is used in a variety of genres: poetry and nursery rhymes (“tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor”), advertising slogans and pop culture (Mickey Mouse) as well as everyday life (Bed & Breakfast, credit crunch). Also, research shows that learners find alliterated expressions easier to remember. This song is packed with alliteration (see Version 1) and some good rhymes too! (see Version 2).

Click HERE to download
or preview below:

To introduce the concept of alliteration, you can play the Alliterative Adjectives game - a popular ice-breaker where students (in pairs) think of an adjective that best sums up their personality and starts with the same letter as their first name, e.g. Mysterious Miriam or Daring Daniel. Then ask students to introduce their partner to the rest of the class. See detailed procedure as well as other lexical ice-breakers HERE.


  1. Great material, but I can't download it. Scrib says it was eliminated. Can you check it?

    1. Hi Vicente,
      Thank you for alerting me to this. Many links need to be updated on this blogsite. I've fixed this one. Please let me know if you experience any other issues.


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