Jan 2, 2012

News Quiz 2011 - Follow Up

Activities for recycling lexis from last week's end-of-year quiz 

So here we are in 2012... Come to think of it, it's funny that we keep adding "two thousand and..." - it is obvious isn't it? In the previous millennium we said "seventy-nine" and "ninety-five" without (un)necessarily preceding it with "nineteen hundred". It would thus make sense if we said "in the year oh-three" or "in the third year", for example. Sorry about this digression.

Language focus
I was happy to hear that you liked the news quiz and some of you used it with their students - thank you for the feedback. Below you will find a follow-up activity which is basically language work focusing on the collocations from the quiz. For other ideas on how to revise the lexis your students have come across, read
my Cycles of Recycling post.


Easier version
(lower-intermediate / young learners)
If you used the easier version of the quiz, there is also a drag-and-drop exercise for students to do on computers, while the paper version introduces "collocation forks". For more ideas on how to work with these, read my last year's post called the Cycles of Recycling: Cycle 2


Source: dbryant
Other ideas
Thank you to my colleague, friend and former co-mentor Adele Raemer who, in her email to me, suggested a follow-up activity using the "Most Powerful Images" of the year. While the images  themselves are worth checking out, I thought these two activities can be combined. Perhaps, you can give the images without the captions and get students to write their own trying to use some of the lexis that came up in the quiz (e.g. massive tsunami hit Japan, mass protests across the Arab world, violence broke out etc). For example, for the image above, even though this news story did not appear in the quiz, students can write "A massive storm hit Arizona".

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please share them in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Leo, but my suggestion (what _I_ am doing with my class) was this:

    I asked them all to find a picture depicting something meaningful that happened in ISRAEL in 2011, to write a sentence or two describing it. We will then make a collaborative PowerPoint presentation in Google-docs. (I have asked them to all take out a gmail address to enable them to collaborate).

  2. The "Most Powerful Images" site which I mentioned (and is linked above) was my inspiration for the idea. I sent my students the pictures from the site, saying that many of them depicted events that had been mentioned in the quiz we had done in class, and then from there, I developed it into a collaborative Israeli "Best of 2011" as, I depicted, above.

  3. Hi,
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  4. Hi Leo!

    Thanks so much for this post and sharing all your great resources with us! I love the vocabulary reviews.

    (I continue to hit my head against the wall for not having discovered your blog earlier...but it's never too late, right?)

    Good stuff!

    Thanks so much,

    (I deleted my previous comment due to typos. That'll teach me to post comments without proofreading! Ha ha!)

  5. Thank you for clarifying that, Adele. I am sure your students will enjoy the collaborative project. Do share the result with us!

    Thank you for your kind words, Vicky
    (I often make typos too when posting comments on other blogs :)


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