Apr 21, 2012

If I were a boy

This activity based on Beyonce's song is suitable for older teens and adults at pre-intermediate level and up. The lesson plan is based on the listening activity template I blogged about earlier (click here). An Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB) is desirable but not essential.

IWB techniques

Two IWB techniques are used here: in the pre- and post-listening stages of the lesson.

Display the If I were... activity on IWB and elicit from students which statement should go in which column (Boys' answers / Girls' answers). Drag them to the appropriate columns or get one of your students to do it. There might be some confusion here as the statements should not correspond with what they do but with what they would do (if they were boys/girls). This later can be exploited to focus on the hypothetical nature of would.

Colour over the answers on IWB page 3 with white ink. Then reveal one by one as you go through the answers with the class.

The rest of the procedure is outlined in the template below


IF I WERE A BOY Drag'n'Drop -for Promethean ActivInspire IWB
If the file is not compatible with your IWB software, create your own - see IWB page 2 below

COMPUTER-BASED WORKSHEET - if students are working in a computer room. Split it into separate files/pages if you don't trust your students to do the first page without looking at the lyrics on page 2.
There is also a paper-based worksheet that comes with the template below.

LESSON PLAN - IF I WERE A BOY with a student worksheet (Preview below).
The lesson plan is based on the listening activity template I blogged about HERE


  1. I’m just preparing a “Who is Mrs X?” activity on Beyonce, a favourite with my teens. I’m going to use Sean Banville’s listening handout on her. Your song suggestions are just icing on the cake, thanks so much Leo!

  2. I am glad you liked it - hope your students enjoy the lesson.
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, Louise!

  3. Great! Very interesting and contemporary for our students! Excellent ideas!!

  4. Brilliant ideas, great work! Do you mind if I link my students to your address?

    1. Yes, sure. That's why I post these - they are free for anyone to use and re-use. Glad you liked my ideas.


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