Jun 23, 2012

Two axes of word relationships

Let's start with a warmer...

Which of these tasks or exercises do you normally see in coursebooks?
  1. Look at the highlighted verbs in the text and match them with the following synonyms: investigate, find, catch, escape
  2. Match the adjectives with their opposites, e.g. tall / short
  3. Underline in the text all the expressions with OF
  4. Group the words according to categories, e.g. vehicles: car, motorcycle; musical instruments: guitar, piano etc
  5. Underline all the adverbs in the text. Now underline the verbs they go with.
  6. Rick says "the journey was long and tiring". What other adjectives can be used to describe journeys?
  7. Which is the odd word out? gaze - smile - stare - look
You probably answered 1, 2, 4 and 7 and to a lesser extent 3, 5 and 6 

Now read on to find out why...