Mar 31, 2013

The Lexical Approach: 20 years on...

This year sees the 20th anniversary of the publication of Michael Lewis's "The Lexical Approach", the book that has changed the way many – but unfortunately not enough - teachers teach and see language. I just wanted to share with you my plans  for this anniversary year.

Mar 25, 2013

What corpora HAVE done for us

Sinclair's seminal work -
the bible of corpus linguistics
In this post I would like to defend linguistic corpora and their relevance to the ELT field which Hugh Dellar raises doubts about.

Years ago before I became familiar with corpus tools (corpus as in linguistic corpus = "collection of samples of real-world texts stored on computer"; plural = corpora) we had a fierce debate with my colleagues whether to use the preposition to or for after the noun hint. We wanted to produce posters for English learning centres we had set up for a number of high schools and each poster was meant to provide "Hints for/to speaking / listening etc".

Mar 9, 2013


Photo by @aclil2climb via eltpics
Binomials are two word expressions (strong collocations) such as "dead or alive", "give and take", "law and order"
In this activity inspired by a short film activity on FilmEnglish, students become more aware of binomial pairs in English.