Mar 4, 2022

What I saw in the war

 A lesson based on Janine di Giovanni's TED talk

Image source: [Fair use]
I came across this talk, which is shorter than usual TED talks, while looking for some materials on the topic of war and conflict - in view of the current events. The reactions from the students I've showed it to this week have been: "touching", "impressive" and "outstanding".

Jan 6, 2022

News Quiz 2021 - Follow Up

Activities for reviewing and recycling the language from News Quiz 2021

Image credits: NASA [PD]; 
TapTheForwardAssist [CC BY-SA 4.0];
Glenn Francis [CC BY-SA 4.0]

I hope you enjoyed the latest edition of the News Quiz and didn't find too difficult. Like last year, the follow-up activities come in different formats, most of which can be edited and adapted for your needs. These include drag'n'drop activities on LearningApps, one matching activity on WordWall (Intermediate level only) and 'traditional' worksheets in PDF/editable Google Docs.