Dec 28, 2010

No more Football!

In this activity students first listen to a conversation in the film (the technique known as Vision Off) and then check their understanding while watching with the Vision On. The activity is suitable for ages 14 and up.

You will need a DVD of the film Bend It Like Beckham. The scene starts at 20:18 (Mother shouting "Chi, chi, chi!") and ends at 22:06 (after father says "You must start behaving like a proper woman"). Or, if you have a computer in the room, use this clip

Click here to download WORKSHEET

Students to brainstrom in pairs what boys and girls like doing in their free time (Before you watch). Make sure they don't look at Page 2 of the handout.

What are they talking about?
Tell your students they are going to listen to the scene from a film but they are not going to see it. They do not have to catch every single word. The idea is to understand the main idea. Play the scene with Vision Off: either turn the TV around or cover up the screen. Students listen and answer the questions.

Play the scene once again, this time with the Vision On so that students can check if they guessed correctly.Do the After you watch discussion on page 2.

Syllabus fit
Many textbooks have a unit on Gender roles, Stereotypes or Free Time.

More activities to use with the film (and book!) can be found on the British Council website Teaching English

This activity can be also used in conjunction with a scene from another movie - Billy Elliot.

This Vision Off activity can be adapted for other film clips. Choose an appropriate scene (usually works well with people arguing, but not necessarily) and give students some questions to answer, for example: How many people are there? What are they wearing? How do they feel? What do they look like? Students then watch the clip again to check their guesses.

Hope you enjoy using it.
Let me know how it went.


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