Mar 31, 2013

The Lexical Approach: 20 years on...

This year sees the 20th anniversary of the publication of Michael Lewis's "The Lexical Approach", the book that has changed the way many – but unfortunately not enough - teachers teach and see language. I just wanted to share with you my plans  for this anniversary year.

The Education section of the Guardian has just run my "accessible" article about why Lewis's lexical approach hasn't gained widespread currency. Judging by the comments it has reignited the debate about traditional grammar versus chunks and whether it is the publishers' reluctance or "consumers"' conservatism that hinders the spread of new ideas in ELT.
Click here to read it.

Special publications
I am currently guest-editing a special issue of the ETAI (English Teachers Association of Israel) Forum dedicated to the lexical approach with contributions from Hugh Dellar, Luiz Otavio Barros, Hannah KryszewskaKenLackman and many others. The publication is only available to ETAI members but the good news is that in an exclusive arrangement with Humanising Language Teaching (HLT) - a webzine produced by Pilgrims - most of the issue will appear online as a special lexical edition of HLT towards the end of the year. Don't miss it!

Finally, the University of Westminster is organising a conference on lexical teaching on 11 May. The conference featuring Michael Hoey and Hugh Dellar as keynote speakers will introduce you to developments in lexical approaches to language teaching in recent years and consider lexical teaching in areas such as EAP and exams, teaching the four skills and teacher training. Workshops given by Ivor Timmis, Mura Nava, Nick Billbrough and yours truly will provide practical techniques and tasks for the lexical classroom. 

Registration is already open. So if you're in or around London - or fancy a weekend in London - don't miss this opportunity to hear first-hand from top lexical experts. For more information click HERE

I hope you join me in celebrating the year of teaching lexically.

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  1. I really liked that book (The Lexical Approach).

    However because learners are all different I tend to teach both 'lexically' and grammatically, and I marry the two when I can.

    It helps to learn another language too. How many of the experts actually speak another language or two..?

    I can see how bare teaching is in other languages. It's pretty much 'grammar structure + single word', and so as a result I've had to find other ways to pick up cool phrases and expressions.

    Congrats on the AETI issue, Ken was my senior teacher many years ago and the first to talk about TLA!



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