Jan 5, 2014

News Quiz 2013 - Vocabulary

Images by Tim Evanson,  Gene Hunt
Alex Alishevskikh via Flickr
As usual, as a follow up to the traditional end-of-year news quiz, here are language-focused activities aimed at reviewing and consolidating lexis from quiz. If you haven't seen the news quiz 2013, click HERE

This is how I usually use the quiz with my students.

Please note the quiz and the activities below come in two levels.

Lesson 1: (first lesson of a new year) Students answer the questions the quiz. Optionally, I may give out the correct answers. We highlight interesting chunks of language (see the teachers' notes that accompany the quiz)

Lesson 2: Students' mini-presentations on the news stories they chose in Lesson 1 OR the ones they didn't know the answers to. Vocabulary review and practice 1. (available in two levels)

Lesson 3: Vocabulary review and practice 2 (available in two levels)

Scroll all the way down for the teachers' notes for the vocabulary activities for both levels.


  1. I'm going to try this tonight with a group of adult students. It looks really promising.
    Thank you for making it available.

  2. Amezing !!!!!!!

    really your Blog is so interesting... I'm enjoying this...Thanks

    Jeeto Jackpot

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