Jan 4, 2015

News quiz 2014 - Follow up

Activities for reviewing language (vocabulary and some grammar) from News Quiz 2014

Image by DLR  via Wikimedia Commons
[CC BY 3.0 de]
As a follow-up to last week's news quiz, here are seven pages' worth of vocabulary practice and review activities (in 2 levels). Some follow "traditional" format from previous years, others are new, for example, the Intermediate level activities include Netspeak, a web tool I blogged about HERE.

I hope you and students enjoy them as much as you enjoyed the quiz. If you still haven't seen this quiz, click HERE:

Intermediate level: click HERE to download Word doc or preview below:

Advanced level: click HERE to download Word doc or preview below:

ANSWERS: click HERE to download or preview below:


  1. Dear Leo, loved your idea and used it in my 5 pt classes. Some of our teachers in the yudbet as well. My advanced and very astute students in 10th grade said that the for a viral video choice of cat saving child didn't have that many likes - more than 4 million isn't that much to them- hahah. Also they noticed that the Scottish vote was in October and not Sept. I couldn't remember...kids today are so on the ball! All in all they loved the challenge - unfortunately my next lesson with them is tomorrow a bit outdated but I'd like to continue with your extra activities. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work it is very appreciated.

    1. Hi Keri,
      Glad your kids are on the ball and up to date. I may have the odd inaccuracy here and there -after all I don't watch the news!
      Thanks for your comment and hope you get to to the follow up activities too.

  2. Hi Leo,

    I've used your End of Year News Quiz in 3 of my lessons so far (and counting!) and my own follow-up activity has been to test students on what I see as the main high frequency phrases from it in the form of ... you've guessed it ... another quiz! So here it is:

    News Quiz 2014 Quiz

    1) What do people do when they go to the polls?

    2) What's another way to tell 'to kill yourself'?

    3) What's a synonym for 'to take place' (in the passive)?

    4) What's the opposite of victory?

    5) What's the different between 'download' and 'upload'?

    6) What things can you raise?

    7) What kind of videos spread rapidly across an internet?

    8) What's the difference between a prize and an award?

    9) Who hosted the 2014 World Cup?

    10) How Michael Schumacher was taken to hospital? Why?

    11) What different crimes can be committed?

    12) The Polish phrase “było głośno o...” is quite different in English... but it's in the quiz!

    13) What does idiom mean “to get married”?

    14) Thirteen is an unlucky number. Think of your own question to add one more!

    This quiz contains 5 language mistakes. How many did you spot?

    ... You can ignore Q12 :-) (The answer is "to make the headlines")

    Any feedback on this would be cool.

    Thanks, and here's wishing you a great 2015!

    Steven O'Donnell

    1. Steve,

      I love your questions and I am going to use them too, with your permission. It's this kind of "probing" questions that really draws students' attention to language and makes them notice. I presume you wrote these for intermediate-level students?

      Have a great 2015!


  3. Leo,

    I'm so glad you liked my idea. By all means go ahead and use my questions, that would be a great pleasure. Yes, they were written for intermediate students, but i've used the same with upper-int too as a lot of the vocabulary is still relevant.
    I had planned to give them this straight after your quiz, but i encouraged them to say as much as they could / knew about each news story so we got a fair bit of mileage out of your quiz purely as a speaking activity so i ended up giving them my quiz for homework, which i think works well.

    Keep up the great, inspiring work!


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