Mar 12, 2019

Still blogging - but elsewhere

CUP booth at IATEFL Poland in Wroclaw (September 2018)
Can you spot my book?
This is just a quick update. I know it seems like I haven't been blogging much since my book came out, except for the traditional News Quiz. But, in fact, I've written a few pieces that have appeared elsewhere in the past few months, mostly on the Cambridge University Press (CUP) World of Better Learning blog. Here are the links to my latest posts:

Reviewing Chunks through Prompted Recall 

Here you can see a sample activity from Lexical Grammar - a fairly easy, low-prep activity I often use in class.

Teaching Business English Chunks

Another sample activity from Lexical Grammar, in which I focus on verb+adjective combinations which would not normally be identified as collocations, but which nevertheless occur very often together, for example: 
promote economic ... (growth/development)
require further... (information / assistance) 
P.S. I thoroughly searched COCA for such two word strings to find the most frequent ones.

On the Road with Leo Selivan

I would never agree to be a conference blogger mainly because of the fear of committing to writing a certain number of reports from a conference. Said that, I like sometimes to summarise conference sessions that really struck a chord with me. That's what I do in this post - I highlight one session from each of these three conferences: ATECR (Czech Republic), IATEFL Poland and TESOL France.

What about writing vocabulary activities? webinar Q&A

In February I gave the final webinar in the What about..? series organised by the IATEFL MaW SIG (Materials Writers Special Interest Group). I was asked to write up this because there were many questions from the webinar attendees and many points that I didn't have time to cover - partly because I'd overplanned. It came out to be a bit longer than other, similar webinar follow-up posts on the MaW blog but I answered all the questions quite extensively, I think! See for yourself.

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