Aug 13, 2020

Something Just Like This

A listening activity based on a Coldplay's song, which can be optionally followed by jigsaw reading.

This is a song activity based on a surprise collaboration between Coldplay and the Chainsmokers from a couple of years ago. I've used it successfully with students of different ages: teenagers and young adults, who complimented me on my musical taste (!)

Note that the teacher's notes are not provided because the student worksheet is pretty self-explanatory. To check the answers for the While Listening activities, see this lyrics video:



Facilitate discussion about heroes and superheroes with students - at this stage you don't have to tell students that a song is to follow. Use the handout below (1st page) or click HERE to open it in the editable Word format.

While-Listening 1

Students listen to the song and try to catch the names of the heroes/superheroes mentioned. Four are mentioned: Achilles, Hercules, Spiderman and Superman (all in the first verse)

Pre/While-Listening 2

On the 2nd page you will find more intensive listening activities: matching (A), gapfill (B), correct the mistakes (C). Note that A should be done before students listen; B and C are done while listening.

Allow students to compare the answer in pairs, then play the lyrics video to check the answers with the whole class. You can also find the lyrics on Coldplay's official website.


Discuss the meaning of the song. There is an extensive interpretation of the lyrics on this blog, which also points out some possible inaccuracies (Achilles and his gold?)

Reading (optional)

As a follow up I have used this reading activity on
Divide the class into two groups:

Group A: Hercules & Wonder Woman
Group B: Achilles & Superman

No idea how it would work on Zoom but worth trying.

I hope you and your students enjoy the activity as much as we did.

For other song activities, click HERE


  1. What a great lesson! It dovetails well with the topics I'll be teaching the next couple of weeks on describing physical appearance and personality/character traits. I'll have to modify it for my A2's, but I really like the content and activities you put together. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia. I'm sure it can be adapted for A2 (which reminds me I should've indicated what level it is for!). You might have to pre-teach some vocab such as fairytales, fables, cape, eclipse etc. Let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi, I am grateful for your ideas! Thanks for sharing it!


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