Jan 10, 2021

News Quiz 2020 - Follow Up

Activities for reviewing and recycling the language from News Quiz 2020

Image credits: Frankie Fouganthin [CC BY-SA 4.0], 
TenAsia [CC BY 3.0], U.S. Secretary of Defense 
[CC BY 2.0] - via Wikimedia Commons
The traditional news quiz has changed its format this year so the follow up, which usually consists of paper-and-pen activities, had to follow suit. I've created a series of interactive online activities on WordWall and LearningApps, which you can adapt if necessary and share with your students. There are also 'traditional' worksheets in Word and PDF, which those of you teaching remotely can display via ScreenShare on Zoom or Teams or simply send to students by email.

  • If you haven't seen News Quiz 2020 - click HERE.

  • See also this Jeopardy version (Advanced level) kindly shared by a colleague of mine, Marlene Saban

The activities are grouped by level according to the two versions of the News Quiz.

Online activities

Advanced (B2+/C1)

Matching 1a:  https://learningapps.org/display?v=pssne32bn21  (preview below)

Intermediate (B1/B2)

Matching 1:  https://learningapps.org/display?v=phe08edy221 (see preview below)

Discussion & Lexis

Sally Hargreaves has kindly shared this discussion activity, which is seeded with chunks from the quiz (highlighted in this colour) and which includes some additional chunks (highlighted in orange). This activity can be used to provide an additional encounter with the target lexical items, which, combined with the highlighting - a kind of input enhancement - increases the chances of their acquisition (Szudarski & Carter 2016). I've adapted the same idea for the intermediate level.

News Quiz 2020: Discussion questions - Advanced (B2+/C1) (all credits to Sally Hargreaves)
click HERE to download Word doc or preview below

News Quiz 2020: Discussion questions - Intermediate (B1/B2-)
click HERE to download Word doc or preview below


These are more traditional-style worksheets (like in the past).


Click HERE to download Word doc or preview below:


Szudarski, P., & Carter, R. (2016). The role of input flood and input enhancement in EFL learners' acquisition of collocations. International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 26(2), 245-265.


  1. That's a so different than previous years! Thanks for adapting your quiz to online reality.

    1. I had no choice, really :)
      I hope you find them as useful as in previous years

  2. Thanks a lot Leo !

    WE are going back to "Virtual School" tomorrow ...I will use the quiz as I do every year .....it is simply brilliant ...will let you know how it goes ...

    1. Happy to hear, Loubna. Do let me know please.

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