Dec 30, 2021

News Quiz 2021

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash
This blog is alive! And so is the blogger. Yes, as you can see, I've survived the apocalypse and am proud to present the 2021 edition of the traditional News Quiz.

Unlike the previous year, the news stories related to coronavirus (oops, COVID-19) are kept to a minimum. But just like last year, the quiz is available in three formats: Google Slides, Quizizz and a
PDF / editable Google Docs.

The first two can be used in both in-person and remote teaching scenarios, while the last one is suitable for face-to-face teaching only. Also, I've kept the multiple choice format from last year to keep the trivia part of the activity brief and devote more time to the language.

The quiz is available in two levels:
  • Advanced (B2+/C1 or higher)
  • Intermediate (B1/B2)
and three formats, all of which are editable so you can adapt them if you wish.
  • a Google Slides presentation. To edit, click on File -> Make a copy
  • a Google Doc. To edit, click on File -> Download -> select the desired format
  • a gamified quiz created on Quizizz 
The quiz is accompanied by
  • the Teacher's guide (scroll down to the very end)

UPDATE (6 Jan. 2022): click HERE for follow up language-focused activities.

Wishing you all a happier 2022!

Google Slides

Advanced (B2+/C1) level followed by language focus

Preview below or click HERE to download 

Intermediate (B1/B2) level followed by language focus

Preview below or click HERE to download

Google Docs / PDF

This is the 'old' format suitable for a face-to-face classroom. This can also be sent to students by email for review after the lesson.

Advanced (B2+/C1) level with answers

Preview below or click HERE to download the editable Google doc

Intermediate (B1/B2) level with answers

Preview below or click HERE to download the editable Google doc

Teacher's Guide



  1. Hi Leo, thanks again for your quiz. On Thursday my students asked me "when are we taking Leo's quiz?''. This is one the highlights of their school year

    1. Hi Gil,

      You can't imagine how happy it makes me feel knowing that somewhere out there there are students waiting for "Leo's quiz".

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Leo,

    Happy New Year to you and thanks a million again for all the fantastic news quizzes. Since I discovered you on the net, I've used it with my officer students @ Bundeswehr University Munich at the start of each winter trimester. It's always worked out super nicely as a kick-off activity in terms of shaking off the sluggishness of the Christmas break and making them talk English again. It's great. ;)
    Warm Greetings from cold Munich.
    Stay safe & sane :)

    1. Hi Marlen,

      I'm glad you've been enjoying them. A quick search on the Internet tells me that you're teaching face-to-face this year. Just wondering which version/format you used.

      I hope you've checked out the follow up activities too:

      Happy New Year!


  3. Hi Leo,

    That's right, we've been face to face since October 21.
    I used to play back the ppt versions via the projector and run a team quiz with me being the 'quiz master'. I usually 'pimped' that with my own fancy 'light-up-and-make-noise' game buzzers they were to hit when they knew the correct answer. I also gave away a certain score for correct answers so we'd have a winner. That was/is traditionally good fun. ;) This year, however, I'm going to use your quizizz versions as a player vs. player live quiz. :) After that I'll have them come up with their own quiz questions in the same style, put them in teams of two or three, have them exchange their quiz questions and, as a 'cool-down' activity, debate the questions you offered. That's the plan, at least.


    Bye, Marlen


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